Mentor turns monster, impregnates girl with autism

In a gut-wrenching incident in Putnam County, WV, a man is found guilty of impregnating a 13-year-old girl with autism.

Justin Matthew Vance, 28, met Wendell and Geneva Rose last September while volunteering at the Special Olympics, and agreed to help them with their household projects. Vance also needed a shelter, so the Roses offered him their place.

What happened next was atrocious. Deputies of Putnam County Sheriff came to know that Vance had engaged in an “inappropriate relationship” with the teenage girl who later testified to a doctor that the defendant had physical relationship with her in the absence of her parents. A medical examination in January revealed that the victim was pregnant.

Charged with first-degree sexual assault, Vance is currently being locked up in Western Regional Jail on a $250,000 bond. He was apprehended by the police on Monday this week.

“This is a case that offends every sense of morality in you,” Sheriff’s Deputy Lieutenant Ryan Lockhart said, adding that the Child Protective Service personnel are having a tough time explaining to the victim what pregnancy entails. She is now being home schooled at her aunt’s place.

Shocked and horrified, the victim’s father said, “We never thought this would happen. When I was told that my daughter was pregnant with his child, I had mixed emotions. I was very angry at him (Vance), to say the least.”

“You try to be a nice person or try to do the right thing, and it always backfires on you,” the girl’s mother said.

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