Can autism apps really help individuals improve their learning abilities?

The question I have asked in the title has resurfaced following the release of Samsung’s Look At Me. Samsung claims that this app – developed in collaboration with a team of South Korean educationists, health care service providers and multimedia professionals – could help children with autism make better eye contact, recognize facial expressions of others around them and develop social skills at a basic level.

Research shows that assistive technology, more specifically mobile technology, has had a significant impact on interactive learning. The disruption that it has brought about in the traditional realm of special needs education is truly amazing. The fact that a group of pupils can sit with a mobile device and direct their energy toward a make-belief world vibrant with animated and reciprocative content has aroused more than passing curiosity in teachers and parents about the utility of the technology at play.

Several studies have found that autism apps for Android and iOS platforms boost motivation in 75% of the children using them. Now here is the equation that really clicks for most students:

Autism = Focus

Therefore, Autism + Mobile apps = Focus + Motivation

Therefore, Enhanced learning powered by technology

Do you think the premises of this equation is flawed or too generalized to begin with? Please share your view. Thank you.

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