Disability Rights Advocacy and what it Involves

Disability rights advocacy involves several things. However, it depends on the type of advocacy that’s being referred. There are two major types of disability rights advocacy: social and legal. Social advocacy involves people who work to further the rights of uniquely-abled persons through community-based changes and public policy. Legal advocacy involves lawyers or trained professionals who litigate on behalf of an organization, government, or an individual to establish disability rights.

Disability rights advocacy could be required under many circumstances. These include employment, education, housing, healthcare, transportation, technology, and many others.

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However, a major part of disability advocacy involves battling discrimination and establishing equal rights for uniquely-abled individuals. But at the same time, it’s also about working collaboratively with business, government departments, disability communities and similar groups to come up with new ideas and develop innovative solutions for allowing uniquely-abled people to live and work independently.

Talking of the legal side, disability rights lawyers are called when other advocacy options are exhausted. Infringement on disability rights could lead to a medical emergency. But a lawsuit is usually the last step since they take time and money.

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Over the years, citizen advocacy have come to the forefront to establish the rights for uniquely-abled people. Community volunteers advocate the cause. It often involves a particular person who has an unique ability or the disability itself. Common goals for citizen advocacy includes awareness programs, fundraising, and similar activities.

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