Uniquely-Abled Employment: Things to Keep in Mind

Any person hunting for a job knows that landing an employment calls for persistence, patience and self-belief. It’s usually much harder for uniquely-abled people as they find employment options limited. But over the years uniquely-abled employment opportunities have increased with companies opening up jobs for this section of the population.

Uniquely-abled persons should be honest with themselves and recognize job positions that count them in. A wheelchair user, for instance, won’t be able to work in a kitchen simply because space will be sparse for them to move around. Identifying the correct uniquely-abled employment opportunity is important.

Pipeline to Work: Uniquely-Abled Employment

Refining a job search, however, is not all about excluding and narrowing down the options. An uniquely-abled person may have a number of skills that are as good as a neuro-typical human being. They are even better in some cases. So a uniquely-abled jobseeker must identify his/her strengths and weaknesses before he/she begins the job search.

Jobs that allow work from home, requires nominal physical exertion and offers sufficient pay to cover the medical expenses, are usually best suited for uniquely-abled people.

Taking Inclusive Education for Uniquely-Abled Children Forward

Opinion is rather divided on whether an uniquely-abled jobseeker should disclose his/her condition while applying for a job. It’s a good idea to inform the company so that they can make suitable arrangements. While informing the interviewer beforehand establishes a marker, the uniquely-abled person is in a better position to overcome his/her challenges. If he/she displays a positive and proactive attitude, it will strike a chord with the employer who will be impressed with the person’s honesty.

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