Uniquely-Abled Children Education: Reflections on Moving Forward

There can be no question about the need for greater acknowledgement in policies and programs that being uniquely-abled is no discrete identity. Experiences of uniquely-abled children also change according to their socio-economic status, gender, and geographical location. Policies have to be more holistic and address the exclusion of these children rather than discretely focus on their condition.

Uniquely-Abled Employment: Things to Keep in Mind

Extending assessment procedures to uniquely-abled children is important. This will help them access the resources and avail the right support. But many teachers lack a proper understating of the various unique abilities. It’s important to sensitize teachers so that they can identify and assess the diverse learning needs.  That aside, primary health centers should have the right kind of equipment, and expertise as well.

Formative assessment carried out in classrooms could be immensely useful to help teachers address commonly faced difficulties among learners. Teachers must be provided with the proper skills and in-service training programs to modify their teaching and use the learning activities appropriately.

Promoting Independent Living of Uniquely-Abled Adults

Under the present educational setup, which is usually marked by large-sized classes and high number of neuro-typical children, there is a pertinent need to support teachers through collaboration with professionals like special educators and child psychologists.

The new education policy of the Indian government is an important document which sets the future agenda for inclusive education. It’s not only about increasing enrolment rates of uniquely-abled children, but also about carrying out infrastructural changes.

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