Talking to Children about their Unique Abilities

If your child is uniquely-abled, like if he/she has autism, dyslexia, or any similar type of disorder, it’s important to make them aware of their condition at some point in their lives. This will help them come to terms with their unique abilities.

As a child grows up, he/she will obviously start asking questions about their unique abilities. As a parent, how you approach these conversations would greatly influence how the child feels about his/her potential.

Learning Disabilities and Adaptive Behavior

There are a number of disabilities that may affect a child, like physical, emotional, sensory, or intellectual. The type of unique ability that your child has will play the most important role in how you take up the issue. The timing of making your child aware of it is also immensely important.

Never stress too much on the emotional side while conversing with your child. This will affect how he/she will feel about it. If you express sadness over their limitations, or feel anxious about the future, it may cause the child to feel the same way.

Communication Boards for Special Needs Children

Be matter of fact while presenting information. Speak about the science behind his/her unique abilities. Acknowledge the fact, while neuro-typical kids can use the stairs, your kid will have to use the elevator. But never opine too much on these issues.

Never lecture your child or give long inspirational speeches about their unique abilities.  Your child will learn how to tackle future issues by what you do, and not by what you say. Always treat your child like a capable kid.

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