Taking Inclusive Education for Uniquely-Abled Children Forward

Inclusive education is of paramount importance to integrate uniquely-abled children into the mainstream. Children need to be with other children. Sending an uniquely-abled child to   a special school usually doesn’t help. A truly inclusive school should be well equipped in every aspect and deliver quality education to all children.

Adaptive Equipment for Special Needs Education

An inclusive education method should comprise a balanced curriculum which is appropriate for all types of children. It should have teachers having the ability to handle individual needs of children inside the classroom and promote an environment where student participation, social skills, and personal development are strongly encouraged.

An important aspect of inclusive education for uniquely-abled children is their acceptance and friendship of neuro-typical peers. Such a support also helps in the progress of a uniquely-abled child and helps him/her gain confidence in the school environment. Parents too have to play a key role for making inclusive education attain success inside the classroom.

But these can be only possible if uniquely-abled children are allowed to attend a regular school just like other children.

Uniquely-Abled Children and Inclusive Education in India

Some schools in the big cities have combined special needs education with mainstream learning. These schools have created need-based programs that help special children discover their own capabilities and match their peers in every respect. Parents too are involved with the school administration and teachers in coordinating activities, travel arrangements, and learning materials for uniquely-abled children.

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