Inclusive Uniquely-Abled Children Education in India

Uniquely-abled children have the right to education just like their neuro-typical peers. Inclusive education addresses the learning needs of all children, with particular focus on those who are often excluded and isolated from the mainstream. Uniquely-abled children education in India, over the years, has come a long way.

Uniquely-Abled Children and Inclusive Education in India

The concept behind inclusive uniquely-abled children education is to offer sufficient opportunities to all children to generate interest and participate, learn, and enjoy equal treatment, irrespective of their capabilities.

Awareness regarding inclusive education in India is still at a very nascent stage. Majority of the educational institutes in India are largely skeptical about allowing both uniquely-abled and neuro-typical children study in the same classroom. Even if the former type of children are allowed to join a mainstream school, the result of the action is questionable.

I Am Uniquely-Abled, Not Disabled

Uniquely-abled children education in general schools suffers because of rigidity in the curriculum. Since most uniquely-abled children are unable to fend themselves, they are often bullied by their classmates. Teachers teach according to the pace of the neuro-typical children. All these add up to an uniquely-abled child being left out of proper inclusive education.

Uniquely-abled children education in India is largely neglected. These children are segregated from the mainstream schools and social activities that are followed by neuro-typical kids.

Uniquely-Abled Workers and the Indian Workplace

Two other key factors that contribute to the situation are lack of awareness and affordability. The number of uniquely-abled children who need primary and higher education is on the decline.

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