Some Hard Autism Awareness Facts

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex developmental disability that mainly affects a person’s communication and social interaction abilities. It’s called a spectrum disorder since it affects each individual in a different way and in varying degrees.

The prevalence rate of autism in the US in much higher than what is widely believed. According to recent studies, autism affects one in every 88 child. One in every 54 boys is affected with autism which accounts for more than one percent of all children in the US.

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The incidence of autism is found to be more common in boys than girls. It typically appears within the first three years of life. Children and adults having autism usually face difficulties regarding social interactions, nonverbal and verbal communications, and play or leisure activities.

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Here are some autism awareness facts that have come up over the years.

  • Each day, at least 60 families in the US get to know that they have a child with autism.
  • At least one out of 150 babies born in the US will have autism.
  • Autism spectrum disorder is among the fastest growing developmental disabilities in the US.
  • The growth of autism is as high as 17 percent every year.
  • Over the years, more children are likely to be diagnosed of diabetes, cancer, and AIDS combined.
  • One in every 150 children having autism are 14 years or older.
  • More than 1.5 million people in the US have some form of autism.

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