Autism Parent Training Programs

As the name suggests, autism parent training programs are designed to teach the parents of children having autism spectrum disorder, how to carry out interventions. These are also often known as child-focused programs and are designed for teaching parents to cope with the difficulties of raising their differently-abled child.

In many such training programs, parents are taught to be the primary interveners for their own children. Child-focused programs are usually designed on these lines. Parent-focused programs, on the other hand, teach parents to work as co-practitioners with professionals. These are also called complementary training programs.

Autism Supportive Programs for Independent Living

Autism parent support programs extend several types of help to parents and caregivers. Such support may be given through a coordinated care program within the family, which may include a local team working with children. Parent education programs are also undertaken to provide interventions on sleep problems, neurological issues, and similar challenges faced by the child.

Neurodiversity Benefits in Autism Hiring

Some parent training programs, in practice, may include elements related to parent education while some support programs could involve parent training. It’s not unlikely for a support and training program to overlap with each other. For instance, a training program may teach parents how to reach comprehensive treatment methods to their children, while other programs will impart knowledge on the use of specific techniques like reinforcement and modeling.

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