Special Children and Applied Behavioral Analysis

For the parents of a child having autism spectrum disorder, the months following the diagnosis could be a difficult time, trying to come to terms with the truth. There’s an overwhelming volume of information available on the internet. One of the terms that parents have to get familiarized with is applied behavioral analysis.

In expert terms, applied behavioral analysis refers to the learning of behavior, including the factors that influence behavior and circumstances under which certain behaviors can be applied. Applied behavioral analysis, simply put, offers educators and parents insights into a how child can learn.

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It should be remembered that no two applied behavioral analyses are equal. The techniques used in an analysis and the environment under which it takes place, usually vary widely. Whether at school or in home, a one-on-one or a group, applied behavioral analysis is a continuous process and usually conducted with a range of styles across several areas of behavior.

Autistic children learn and behave in various ways. The analysis is a practice to determine the environment and learning methods that’ll work best for a child having autism. The proper instructor, environment or activity may work well for some autistic children, while being less effective for others.

The analysis can be used for promoting certain behavioral practices across all areas that include home and school life, self-care techniques and relationship. Many autistic children face trouble to pay attention in school, others may lack the skills required to forge friendships and build relationships.

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Applied behavioral analysis can be used for limiting negative patterns like over-stimulation, self-injury, aggression, and anxiety among autistic children.

Before seeking behavioral intervention, get an opinion from your pediatrician. There is unlikely to be any immediate effect when the actual therapy starts. It will take time for the child to respond to the therapy and will vary according to the individual child.

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