Developmental Screening: Important for all Children

According to experts, almost 85% of a child’s brain develops in the first five years of their birth. Hence, all infants and young children should be screened for developmental delays, as part of their ongoing healthcare program. It’s an important part in a child’s life to identify their delays in academic and social development and economic benefits. Several studies have revealed that children who get early treatment for a developmental delay are more likely to successfully graduate from school, land jobs, and live independently.

A developmental screening program is a great way for understanding a child’s strength and the areas for improvement. It allows the parents to discover whether their child is reaching the key milestones regarding the following areas.

  • Fine motor skills, like grasping a pencil or crayon
  • Communication, like understating the meaning of words and expressing feelings and thoughts using sentences
  • Gross motor skills, like bouncing a ball
  • Personal competency, like using a spoon for serving and feeding oneself
  • Problem solving skills, like completing a jigsaw or other puzzles
  • Social and emotional understanding, like interacting with other people and expressing feelings

A developmental screening specialist will evaluate the results and will devise the next plan of action. This may involve further assessment by care providers, language and speech therapists, nutritionists, behavioral pediatricians and other professionals.

Occupational Therapists and Children with Autism

Developmental screening may also include evaluation by organizations and agencies that extend services to children having disabilities and/or special needs.

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