Understanding Technology and Autism

Educators and parents of children having autism spectrum disorder will tell you about the various ways technology has helped their kids with communication, self-regulation, sharing of interests with others, and instilling a sense of confidence. Technology and autism is a powerful combination. It helps autistic children understand and interpret feelings better. These children can develop receptive and expressive vocabulary, and cognitive flexibility, as well as lessen repetitive behaviors.

Understanding technology and autism

Following are some key reasons why technology and autism is considered as a powerful combination.

Exercising visual-spatial skills: Children with autism spectrum disorder often display visual-spatial strengths that draw them to audio-visual devices. Autism apps are a great way forward in this regard and have shown some positive results. Studies have suggested that a child with autism tends to detect hidden numbers much easily than neuro-typical children.

technology and autism

A safe space: Autistic children are attracted to computer games mainly because they don’t involve any social factors and are predictable. That aside, kids can control and decide the speed of activity. The challenges and skills in autism apps and video games motivate the skills of autistic kids. They are egged by the challenges thrown up. Autism apps that involve adaptability, communication enhancement, strategy and problem solving are often recommended by therapists to develop their level of skills and emerge out of a typical comfort zone.

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Enhancing the learning drive: Researchers on autism have identified attention, motivation, and flexibility as the most important tools to teach autistic children. Interactive video tutorials can develop emotional and social competencies among special needs children. In fact, apps are being used as autism technology in the classroom as well. These apps help to bolster the attention of such children who have a trouble in concentrating. Besides the conventional teaching methods, technological aids can be used as supplementary devices.

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