Communication Boards for Special Needs Children

Communication boards, as the name suggest, are an apparatus having pictures and symbols that are used in facilitating communication among children who have limited ability to express in language. pictures and symbols. If your child has learning difficulty or any similar problem which limits Such children can communicate using the board by gesturing, gazing, or pointing towards the various his/her ability in expressing themselves, a communication board can be included both in classroom and at home.

Developmental Disabilities among Children 

Many special needs children have an individualized education plan (IEP). Others may have a 504 plan. Whatever be the particular plan, a communication board is often considered a necessary inclusion to the list of tools a special child would require for effective functioning in the classroom. And like already said, besides the classroom, a special child may need a communication board in home as well.

Some of the simplest communication boards comprise a yes/no function, or a piece of paper and a pencil. The key aim of a communication board is to help a child to express his/her needs.

Teaching Strategies for Special Education Classes

One of the best ways to work with communication boards is to use them for a bonding experience between parents and children. These boards can be used in any way. There’s no right or wrong method. Some companies manufacture customized boards as well. You can get one of these customized boards for your child.


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