Autistic Children and Mobile ASD Apps

New mobile devices are helping therapists and educators to engage children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) use the power of edutainment. Mobile technology today can fit into the palm of one’s hand. Tabs, smartphones, iPads and similar devices can be loaded with mobile ASD apps to impart learning to children on the autism spectrum. Several studies have revealed that mobile technology not only motivates autistic children, but also helps them concentrate while learning and show what they have learned.

Android Autism Apps for Special Children

Edutainment, as a concept, is not new. There have been several TV shows that provided education through entertainment. These shows taught us science, mathematics, history, and social skills. Educational video games were also used to teach academic concepts and social skills.

But how do we deploy powerful principles of edutainment for educating autistic children in academics to improve their performance? Using mobile ASD apps certainly helps children on the spectrum. Selecting a great edutainment app is surely more than simply picking up any mathematics or reading app at random.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best mobile ASD apps to instil major skills like academics, communication and social behaviour.

  • First, use the app yourself before you hand it over to your child or student.
  • Select apps that are customizable with your child’s picture and information.
  • Apps that include sound and verbal reinforcers are best for autistic children.
  • Emphasize on mobile ASD apps that have levels and a point system.
  • Non-repetitive apps and those that come with multiple themes are the best.
  • Encourage your child to “help” in choosing the app.

Adult Autism Apps for those on the Spectrum

Technology, since long, has infiltrated the education system and has given autistic children tools to stimulate crucial areas in the brain responsible for learning. Mobile ASD apps provide the right mix of learning and entertainment. You just have to select the proper app.

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