Teaching Money Management to Your Autistic Child

Being an independent adult with autism spectrum disorder requires a large set of skills that should be planned over a child’s lifetime. Money management is no different. Autistic persons should be able to pay for items and stick to a budget. Here’s what you can do to impart money management skills to your autistic child.

After ASD Diagnosis

1. Have the child pay for items

Send your child whenever you have an errand to meet. This is often an effective way to start allowing the child pay for small amounts. But make sure it’s a store which your child knows and is comfortable with. Send him/her when the store is relatively less crowded so that neither the child, nor other shoppers become frustrated.

2. Give an allowance

While there’s a debate on whether it’s prudent to “pay” your child for the chores, there’s a general consensus that giving a weekly allowance will help them get an idea of budgeting and savings. He/she can then save up the money for a “dream buy”. But never try to influence the child’s choice of item for which he/she is saving the money. The basic idea is to inspire them to save.

3. Open a bank account

This is a good option to help your child learn money management skills. Opening a bank account will make the child accustomed to the banking process. While accounts are usually opened online these days, take your child in person to the bank. Get him/her used to the people, process and teller machines.

Early Detection Crucial for Autism Management

Money management lessons, like all other learning, are better ingrained when imparted at an early age. Parents, caregivers, and even educational institutes should understand the importance. It’s just another life skill that helps your child develop as a responsible human being. But have a word with your child’s caregiver before you go ahead.

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