Social-Emotional Learning and Student Autism Challenges

Every person with autism spectrum disorder is unique and their needs will be different. This is particularly true for children who are of the student age. Student autism challenges are unique in their own ways. These challenges usually lead to an increased level of stress, depression, and anxiety that are much higher among students than grownups with autism. Studies have revealed that nearly 72% of students having autism require additional mental health support.

Students face challenges during social interactions and while communicating with others. This, in fact, is common to all people having autism. Communication difficulties can pose unique challenges for teachers and schools were children with autism are four times less likely to understand the lessons than their neuro-typical peers.

Autism Challenges and Anxiety

That aside, a lack of social-emotional competence not only decreases a student’s connection with the school, it also impedes academic performance. This reinforces the fact that social and emotional learning plays an important role in classroom behavior, school attendance, and overall education. It has a big impact on the academic performance of every student, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Disability Rights and Communication Technology 

Mental health and emotional and social learning are often overshadowed in s school curriculum. Schools heavily focus on the academic aspects. This is largely because of data-driven accountability which most educational institutes are required to follow. Children with autism are the worst sufferers in a situation where the numbers obtained in a formal examination precedes over everything else.

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