Safety Tips for Autism Parents

Parenting an autistic child is usually one of the biggest challenges that you may face. These children are different from their neuro-typical peers that call for special care. But safety for your autistic child should top your priority list. Here are some tips for autism parents to ensure maximum safety of their child.

1. Teach safety rules

Impart safety rules to your child. Do this at every opportunity. For instance, make them look both ways before you cross a street. Reinforce traffic signals; green means go, while red means stop. Have them identify moving cars in a parking lot. Make them understand that sidewalks, not roads, are for walking. Use apps, videos, stories, role playing and similar things to teach road safety.

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2. Install a home alarm

You can help prevent your child from wandering out, by installing a home alarm. You will get a notification on your mobile phone whenever your child leaves the house. Some autism parents prefer to keep their alarm on round the clock.

3. Register your child’s name

You can register your child’s name at the local police station. Some police stations have forms to be filled, along with a picture of your child, and other information like sensory issues, speech level, and motor skills.

4. Medical alert bracelet

The medical alert bracelet is a very important gadget. In the event of an emergency, the bracelet will alert the person diagnosing your child about any medical issues that may suddenly come up.

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5. Tracking device

There are several tracking devices available to monitor the movement of your autistic child. Choose one that’s appropriate and fits into your budget. Many autistic children are tech junkies and carry a smartphone or tablet wherever they go. Autism parents can download the tracking app on their mobile phones to know about the movements and whereabouts of their children.

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