Making Neurodiverse People Skilled and Job Ready

Neurodiverse people in India are often financially excluded because they are unbanked. It’s therefore very important to enhance their skills so that they can find gainful employment. Over the last few years, it has been largely acknowledged that being neurodiverse is both a developmental and a major human rights issue.

Like neuro-typicals, neurodiverse people have to depend on their income, provided they have an income. According to conservative estimates, India has about three crore neurodiverse people. But the World Bank and the World Health Organization has pegged the number considerably higher. The disparity in the statistics suggests that a number of differently-abled individuals are being kept out of the mainstream society.

The government has included several provisions in the Persons with Disability Act (1995), for employment of neurodiverse persons in the public sector. Some organizations like National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation, gives loans to neurodiverse persons but the approval is often a tedious process.

The Indian government, in 2015-16, came up with a scheme to extend financial assistance to neurodiverse individuals for skill training. The ultimate goal for this scheme is to offer a platform for educated and skilled people with disabilities to get employment or establish their own business. The government has set a target to provide skill training to 2.5 million neurodiverse people by 2022. This will certainly help this section of the population to contribute to the society in the best way possible.

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