Learning Disability among Children

Learning disability in children is a neurological disorder. It results from the difference in which a person’s brain functions is “wired.” Children having learning disabilities are no less smart than their peers. But because of the brain wiring they face hurdles in writing, reading, spelling, reasoning and similar activities.

Explaining Autism in Children

Learning disabilities can’t be entirely fixed or cured. It’s a lifelong issue. However, proper intervention and support and be extended to children having such disabilities, so that they can be successful in school and pursue distinguished careers in later life.

Children with learning disabilities need encouragement from their parents and educators. Working with healthcare professionals, learning the strategies to deal with specific difficulties, and understanding the educational system can help children overcome the challenges associated with learning difficulty.

Some common learning disabilities

Dyscalculia: This is a mathematical disability where the affected person finds it challenging to grasp concepts and solve arithmetic problems.  

Dyslexia: This is a language-based disability and also one of the commonest. Here, a child faces problems to understand written words. Dyslexia is also known as reading disorder.

Dysgraphia: It’s a writing disability. A person, in this case, finds it difficult to form letters, or write within a given space.

Autism Management and the Issues Involved

Visual processing and auditory disorders: A person affected with learning disability may face problems to understand a known language, even though he/she may have normal vision and hearing.

Nonverbal disabilities: This is a neurological disorder that originates in the human brain’s right hemisphere. It causes problems with the intuitive, visual-spatial, evaluative, organisational, and holistic processing functions.

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