The India Autism Employment Situation

People with autism spectrum disorder are known to excel in many areas that conform to their strengths. Organizations are slowly realizing this fact and are offering vocational training to such people that up their strengths and convert them into assets. The India autism employment situation, though not at par with the West, is more forthcoming now.

The ASD Employment Situation

General awareness about autism spectrum disorder in India has increased in recent times. Even the acceptance levels are now higher in educational institutions. But the question of vocational training rises after finishing school. Computer-based vocations like software testing or quality monitoring, are both an art and repetitive activity, and these are the sectors where people with autism can be trained to find employment.

The India autism employment situation marginally improved after the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (2016) came into effect and people with autism spectrum disorder was included in the list.

Hospitality and retail are two sectors that have begun to offer employment opportunities to people with autism. There are other fields as well like cooking and farming that offers great promise for people with autism, but these are yet to be explored.

A child having autism will grow up into an adult with autism. The education they get in school is unlikely to help them if these children aren’t tutored to follow the day systematically after school. The needs of a person with autism change with age.

Autism Jobs and Employment

The inclusion of autism in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (2016) has enabled the disorder to get a legal backing. Also, social welfare schemes and vocational training will now be more accessible to them, which will better the India autism employment situation.

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