Hiring ASD Employees

Companies hiring people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) must be aware of the social difficulties and differences for differently-abled employees. A person with autism may not make eye contact during an interview. They may be honest and blunt in their response than other candidates who talk informally. But such honesty in attitude and even the dislike for small talk could be immensely valuable traits of ASD employees.

A recent research has claimed that more than 90 percent of Americans have a better opinion of organizations hiring people with disabilities than who don’t. Of late, some specialized companies are offering staffing solutions for people with disabilities like autism. Such people can submit their resume on the websites of these companies where experienced recruiters match candidates to appropriate jobs and forward the resumes to hiring managers of various companies. Recruiters from staffing agencies also often meet one-on-one with the hiring managers to help them understand the advantages of recruiting a person with autism.

Digital Devices Helping in Autism Education

A leading automobile company recently announced the launch of a new job training program for people with autism. A typical job under the program directs people with autism to a specialized section where they are counseled by specialists.

Taking Help of Technology with Autism Apps

Many young children with autism, courtesy early detection and applied behavior analysis (ABA), are growing up as superb candidates to be employed. They are eager and ready to contribute their bit to the society. Several big multinational companies have realized that ASD employees can be a valuable addition to their staff. Hiring them would have a positive impact for both businesses and the community as a whole.

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