Explaining Autism in Children

Children, especially those struggling with a disorder, need immense love and support to overcome life’s challenges. Autism in children is not uncommon these days and extending them proper support can go a long way to make them live as independent individuals. While academics are important, it shouldn’t be the only goal for parents to pursue for their special child.

Autism is a developmental disorder that usually appears within the first three years after a child is born. It affects communication and social skills of a child. It’s also related to physical, biological, and chemical activities in the brain. Children with autism lack in nonverbal communication and activities that comprise elements of play.

Autism Management and the Issues Involved

No two children with autism are the same. While the symptoms may be common, the intensity varies. That’s why autism is called a spectrum disorder.

In some children, the symptoms of autism are severe while among others, they are mild. In fact, in many children, the symptoms are barely noticeable and manifestations appear late.

Common inabilities include the following

  • 1 year: Most children start babbling and start to point at things
  • 16 months: Start speaking single words
  • 24 months: Star speaking two-word phrases
  • Responding when their names are called out
  • Comprehending social skills
  • Engaging in eye contact
  • Responding with a smile in social situations

Later indicators of autism in children commonly include

  • Can’t build friendships and engage in peer activities
  • Lack in imagination and play acting
  • Unusual speaking and repetitive behaviors
  • Focused attention to a limited range of activities

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Society

It’s nothing unusual for parents to panic upon noticing any of the above signs in their children. But the best thing to do is to consult your child’s doctor immediately.

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