Common Autism Characteristics

Children having autism spectrum disorder often face difficulties to relate and communicate with neuro-typical people. Many of them have several common autism characteristics. Like, when they are babies, they don’t look much at other people, or observe their gestures. They don’t smile most of the time. Also, they don’t imitate others by waving or clapping.

Children with autism often repeat a typical behavior over and over. They could get fixated on a particular object. For instance, an autistic child may repeatedly turn the lights on and off, or solely focus on running a toy train, rather than participating in pretend play.

Most autistic children have sensory issues, although these aren’t entirely necessary for diagnosis.

Some common autism characteristics are as follows.

Special sensitivity to sound. Autistic children often cover their ears to block out the noise.

They like to feel objects and sniff and smell everything around them.

They eat food only of a certain texture. For instance, they may be happy to eat foods that are smooth and soft. They are likely to refuse anything lumpy.

Autistic children use a lot of peripheral vision. They will typically tilt their heads to a particular angle to look at objects.

Understanding Technology and Autism

Some children with autism spectrum disorder may have a below-average intelligence, while others may have high-functioning autism. The autistic child, in the latter case, shows minimal signs of the disorder and carries out functions like any neuro-typicals.

Autistic children often display some common social characteristics. They are typically involved in their own world and don’t use much of an eye contact while speaking.  They don’t use much of gestures, like raising their arms asking to be picked up. Autistic children also don’t show much empathy to an incident.

Autism characteristics may vary from child to child. But the basic characteristics are largely common to most of them.

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