Behavioral Issues of Special Needs Children

Special needs children are usually faced with several challenges that involve physical difficulties, academic functioning and communication problems. Such children face an insurmountable struggle to keep pace with their neuro-typical peers.

The Autism Situation in India

Parents and families of special children have to juggle competing presenting needs of the particular child. These are often entwined with various service providers like speech and language pathologists, psychologists, special educators, occupational therapists, medicine specialists and similar other professionals. Whenever behavioral issues arise, parents have to knock on the door of service providers. In most cases behavioral issues crop up when the special child is between six to eight years of age. At this age, most children want to increase integration with their peers, and this is time when special kids are often rejected by their friends.

The energy that a special child has to expend to keep pace with mainstream children, both physically and mentally, is often poorly appreciated. These children, because of the extra energy required, are fatigued sooner than neuro-typical children. Behavioral issues of special children, as a result, come up much earlier than their mainstream peers.

Opening Up Autism Employment Opportunities

Parents of special needs children are usually advised to structure an early afternoon rest or sleep period every day after school. This will help the child to calm his/her nerves. While many parents may view this as an odd strategy since afternoon naps for children have long been dispensed, but in view of the extra energy that a special child has to spend, this strategy is expected to work. Calmed nerves will reduce problematic behavior.

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