Autism Jobs and Employment

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disability that affects one in 68 people in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most individuals having ASD face lifelong challenges in the areas of social communication. But autism jobs are a major area where autistic adults often face insurmountable challenges.

Adult Autism Employment Opportunities Increasing

People with autism are also challenged by restrictive and repetitive behaviors. Early intervention programs, along with specialized education, can go a long way in helping autistic children develop skills required to attain their full potential. But for a person with autism, the road to adulthood is usually tough, particularly while gathering the training required to get meaningful work.

The harsh truth is that most autistic adults struggle with employment. And that’s not entirely without reasons. Finding and landing a job, overcoming unpredictable and often hostile circumstances, forging relationships with colleagues and employers, and budgeting the earnings, could be very demanding. Suitable autism jobs are hard to come by. But there’s a flipside as well. The right job can greatly improve an autistic person’s self-esteem. It leads to greater independence and is something that can be looked forward to.

Over the past few years, several companies have begun to address the need of autism employment. The autism unemployment rate is as high as 75-85% and that has to be endured by adults on the spectrum. But still, most of the autism jobs are available in the non-profit sector that can’t offer a substantial pay. But it’s heartening nevertheless that the micro-charity sector is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Opening Up Autism Employment Opportunties

But whatever autism jobs are available today, they really can’t put a dent on the high unemployment of rate. Organizations need to rise up to the need of autism employment. Special training for autistic individuals should be in place so that they can be integrated to the workforce as seamlessly as possible.

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