Workplace Safety Arrangements for Special Employees

Companies that employ uniquely-abled employees have to take up some special measures to ensure safety to these people. Here are some suggestions regarding workplace safety arrangements for special people.

Mobility: Not all people with mobility issues will need a wheelchair. Many uniquely-abled employees use walkers, crutches, or canes. Others may not need anything at all but still have mobility issues. Automatic doorways can be a big help for such employees, or at least a button-operated doorway can reduce complications.

Hearing limitations: A flashing light alarm system can be installed in the work area and bathrooms along with regular alarms and address systems. If the flashing alarm doesn’t seem practical due to some reasons, a co-worker could be assigned to check that employees with hearing limitations respond correctly in an emergency.

Autism Fitness Training Issues

Vision impairment: Installing ground surface tactical indicators will help guide people through a workplace. While approaching doorways or stairs, a minor change in the terrain, for instance a change in the tile or the carpet, will help workers identify the areas where they are supposed to be.

Autism Challenges and Anxiety

Emergency preparedness: Most of the design changes help in the daily operations of the company. But it’s also crucial that emergency evacuation plans factor in the abilities of all workers. A buddy system can be introduced to guide employees who require help in case of an emergency.

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