Suitable Tech Jobs for ASD People who are Visual Thinkers

Jobs that require technical skills usually suit people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As these jobs require repetitive action, such individuals can perform them better. While people on the spectrum often lack short-term memory, they usually possess much long-term memory than typical individuals. A job search activity for such people should factor in this issue.

Let’s find out the domains where ASD people who are visual thinkers can find employment.

Equipment designer: Designing is visual in nature. A person with autism can begin as a draftsman and then move on to designing more complex equipment.

Computer repairing: People with ASD under this realm are able to visualize problems in computers, hardware, and networks.

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Website design: Here too, the ability to visualize is of extreme importance. It helps people on the spectrum to get a good and niche market. Many can pursue freelance web designing as well.

Animation and computer graphics: Visual thinkers are expected to be good at this profession. But this domain is very competitive compared to business and industrial computer programming.

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Automobile mechanics: Individuals with visual thinking capability can visualize how the complete car-making process works. They can make superb mechanics.

Drafting: Computer-aided drafting and engineering drawings offer many opportunities to autistic people who are also visual thinkers. Drafting could be a good career entry point for those interested in technical jobs.

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