Reasons to Hire Differently-Abled Workers

Most differently-abled people, even in the developed countries, remain unemployed. This is a huge wastage of talent and energy. Differently-abled individuals, whenever given proper opportunity, have proved to be extremely hardworking, punctual, and loyal.

Here are some reasons why hiring differently-abled workers can benefit an organization.

1. Better customer connect

Studies have revealed that differently-abled workers can win over customers with sincere smiles and the eagerness to help them. Employers have often reported that their differently-abled employees are always open to fresh ideas and are willing to listen.

2. Increased revenues

Organizations that hire differently-abled workers have returned increased revenues leading to higher profits. Such employees are always dedicated to their jobs which benefits the organization.

3. Employee retention

Uniquely-abled employees stay longer in a company unlike majority of their neuro-typical peers who resort to frequent job hopping. The organization can save money on the entire re-hiring and training process

4. Eagerness to succeed

Uniquely-abled employees are always eager to succeed. They show commitment to their work. They often show unrelenting dedication to the company and have a strong desire to emerge successful in their work and often seek more responsible roles.

5. Reliability

Studies have found that workers with special abilities are more punctual than other employees in an organization. They return on time from their breaks and usually don’t take leaves on simple pretexts.

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