Reality Check: Employment Challenges for People with Autism

People suffering from autism spectrum disorder, usually pass through a tough time while hunting for a job. And once they get a job, they have to deal with workplace minutia all by themselves, courtesy the isolating nature of their disorder. Employment challenges are largely common among people with autism.

While many on the autism spectrum are “high functioning” and are capable to lead a hindrance-free life, a recent study has revealed that as many as 40 percent people with autism are unable to find work.

Part of the problem is that resources available for autistic adults are limited, compared to children, despite the fact that nearly 50,000 people on the autism spectrum are turning adults every year.

People with ASD Make Good Employees

Still, some organizations are training individuals with autism to appear for job interviews, a hurdle that’s otherwise insurmountable for them. These organizations also often impart workplace skills and industry-recognized training to autistic individuals.

But even that’s not always enough. Though the number of people with autism are not tracked separately from those having other disabilities, it’s believed that modern resources are reaching only a handful of people.

Digital Devices Helping in Autism Education

It’s not only about getting a job that can boost the spirits of those on the autism spectrum, there are several workplace difficulties as well. Many of them lack a proper college or undergraduate degree. Besides, even if they have work experience, it’s from several jobs that didn’t last long. People with autism usually suffer from anxiety and find it difficult to communicate with their colleagues and managers. This probably alienates them from the rest of the crowd.

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