Jobs for People on the Spectrum and their Need for Employment

Less than half of the people who have autism spectrum disorder are gainfully employed. Even those who manage to land a job are often placed in positions that are much below their professional and educational qualifications. Autism jobs, in most cases, fail to do justice to the full potential of the person on the spectrum.

Yes, things need to change. But the change should not come only for the sake of it. Inducting people with autism in the workforce, simply because they need to be more financially independent, could prove counter-productive.

Providing On-Job Autism Employment Support

But the fact remains that there are a great number of legitimate untapped potential among people with autism which can be properly harnessed by recruiters. Agencies can train them so that they are hired by employers.

Individuals with autism are known to have great attention to detail and are always on the hunt for new information. These are considered assets in jobs like cyber security and in other IT domains. Many people on the spectrum have the skills to succeed in a corporate environment.

Looking for Jobs for People with Autism

Companies and agencies have started coming up with autism jobs that gainfully employ people on the spectrum. That aside, there are more number of agencies now that offer training to differently-abled people. This has forged a win-win situation for both sides. While the organization needs skilled people, individuals with autism gain financial independence.

Image: Chicago Tribune

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