Increasing Awareness about Unique Abilities in the Workplace

People with unique abilities live with mental and/or physical impairments that restrict many of their life’s activities. As an employer, you have to educate your employees about each uniquely-abled person being different from one another.

Employees having unique abilities usually face major obstacles and discrimination every day, largely because people around them don’t properly understand the complexities they face.

Uniquely-Abled Children Education in India

To effectively raise awareness about the common unique abilities and to encourage understanding, begin a campaign in your organization using real stories of people who are living with challenges. You can also record videos to show the living and working conditions of uniquely-abled persons. In the video, you can ask them about their daily lives and how they overcome obstacles.

If uniquely-abled employees are reluctant to share their life stories, you can develop educational content and demonstrate that not all unique abilities are physically apparent. Sometimes, you can convene a meeting and share pictures of uniquely-abled people and ask employees to describe what they see. After you have got the answers, reveal how the uniquely-abled people in the picture have invisible challenges like high-functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome or similar conditions.

Pipeline to Work: Uniquely-Abled Employment

Even if an employee is himself/herself not uniquely-abled, he/she may have to adjust the worktime for someone back home. A staffer may have a child with cerebral palsy who needs constant attention and care. Such children require more companionship than their neuro-typical peers.

Try to make your employees understand the benefits of having a diverse workplace.

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