Inclusive Corporate Training for Uniquely-Abled Persons

Hunting for jobs after completing formal education is usually a big challenge for most people in today’s competitive world. However, uniquely-abled persons have far fewer job options than their neuro-typical peers. Even if they manage to land an employment, they have to be properly trained to make them suitable for the job.

Employment for Uniquely-Abled Individuals and Government Provisions

A large section of uniquely-abled persons are left out of the job ambit mainly because companies and are ignorant about the value addition to the workforce that such people can bring. Some companies, recently, have woken up to the need of hiring uniquely-abled individuals.

Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism

But hiring a uniquely-abled person is often only the first step. He/she has to be provided with inclusive corporate training. Here’s what that an organization can do in this regard.

  • Help uniquely-abled employees identify their respective career paths and opportunities for development.
  • Adapt the training content and make it accessible for the uniquely-abled employees. Separate technologies are available for each type of employee. For instance, the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) method can be used for people with learning disabilities. The organization has to ensure that the technologies used for the purpose meet the accessibility standards.
  • Securing executive buy-ins for inclusive training systems by demonstrating the business impact and advantages.
  • Implementing pre-training which stimulates work environment and prepares uniquely-abled persons for the organizational culture.
  • Utilizing job coaches to impart social skills.
  • Training all employees, particularly the supervisors, on accommodation requirements. A people-first language like “a person with autism” should be used instead of “an autistic person.”

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