Improving Employment Chances for ASD People

Human resource managers admit that hiring people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) not just ushers in diversity in the workplace, it’s good for the business as well.

Experts say that ASD people usually excel in jobs that demand attention to details, are repetitive or highly structured, and involve shifts that are hard to staff, like solo hours. Methodical tasks that others may find monotonous are comforting for those on the spectrum.

Hiring ASD Employees

So, what can ASD people do for improving their scope of employment?

Following are what the experts suggest.

  • Before you approach a prospective employer, consider what’s already available off and on the job.
  • Decide how much you intend to disclose. You may or may not disclose your entire physical or mental condition. Specific disability details are usually not required.
  • Try to keep your request clear and as simple as possible.
  • Accommodation must be developed through a solid teamwork between the employer and employee. It’s the duty of the employer to involve the ASD employee in the work process. The ASD employee should also be proactive in this regard
  • If an accommodation request is denied by the employer, try to find out the reason. You may have to give some extra information about your condition. You can also appeal to the higher-ups in the company management stating your grievance.

While job roles for people with autism may vary, their rights as employees remain the same.

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