Employment for Uniquely-Abled Individuals and Government Provisions

Uniquely-abled individuals, should be encouraged to take up courses, while they are still in high school so that they can become job-ready when they graduate. Computer programming, drafting, commercial art, and similar courses can keep uniquely-abled individuals involved and motivated, and at the same time, serve as refuge from teasing.

The Truth about Autism Savant

Families having a low income may be wondering how they can manage to afford a computer for their child to learn programming or even the basics. Almost all professions today require computer knowledge, and whether the child is uniquely-abled or neuro-typical, operating a desktop is a necessity. Used computers can be bought at a much low cost from vendors who deal in such equipment. Newspapers often carry such type of advertisements.

India has a huge population of uniquely-abled individuals. Their problems are complex. Most of them fail to land a job even if they are suitably qualified. For some strange reasons, the private sector is not much open to hiring uniquely-abled people. It’s only legislation that has brought at least some change in the employment of uniquely-abled Individuals.

But at the same time, legislation alone can’t radically change the societal fabric within such a short period of time. Companies have to bring key changes in their human resource policies to give more opportunities to differently-abled people to find suitable employment.

Employment Opportunities for Uniquely-Abled Individuals in India

Gainful employment to differently-abled persons can in fact uplift the society. This section of the population suffers from unemployment and underemployment. Once employed, they can contribute to the growth of the country and their well-being. The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995, was a major step in this regard.

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