Employment for the Uniquely-Abled

Being uniquely-abled should not be a hindrance in hunting for a job that you enjoy. With awareness about unique abilities increasing all over the world, organizations have begun to offer employment opportunities to people with unique abilities.

Here’s how you can land a good employment with your unique abilities.

1. Know about your rights

There are certain conditions in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) that states about the eligibility of a person with disability. Be aware of your rights as a uniquely-abled person. Familiarize with the clauses and exert your rights whenever the need arises.

2. Focus on your abilities

Prospective workers with unique abilities can bring a number of skills on board. Write a good cover letter for your job application, a nice resume, and highlight the skills that you believe will help the company to perform better.

3. Leverage existing services

There are several government and nongovernment agencies that specifically help people with unique abilities in finding a job. That aside, there are organizations that help in skill building. Explore these organizations and check how they can enhance your capabilities as a prospective employee. Companies often make reasonable accommodations to uniquely-abled people while extending a job offer.

Many top companies hire uniquely-abled workers in software testing, and in other job roles that largely follow a routine. Special employees are known to follow a structured work pattern and companies can benefit from them.

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