Employers Still Lag Behind in Disability Employment

While companies and organizations have given a lot of attention to forge race and gender parity in the workplace, disability employment has been one area which has been neglected, despite best efforts on part of the government and authorities. The challenges faced by uniquely-abled people regarding gainful employment are still huge.

The attitude of the employer is still one of the biggest barriers towards disability employment. Many employers feel that hiring a uniquely-abled person will be risky. They think about the potential cost associated with uniquely-abled employees. This is the larger mindset in most cases.

Defining High-Functioning Autism is Tricky

That aside, employers are also leaving out a huge talent pool, by ignoring uniquely-abled people. These companies are at risk of facing legal action by not providing sufficient information about the hiring process of uniquely-abled persons. Only one in four uniquely-abled persons believes that an organization genuinely thinks of hiring them. They have seen no visible commitment among companies to take forward disability employment.

A major discrimination that uniquely-abled candidates face is the sifting software used by companies in graduate recruitment. Such software sifts out candidates who don’t have a conventional work history because of attending the doctor for their disability.

Parenting a Sensitive Child

Changing the organization’s human resource (HR) policy is important to retain and develop uniquely-abled employees. Absence management policies need particular attention. The guidance and roles and responsibilities for uniquely-abled employees should also be clearly defined.

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