Diversity and Inclusion for Uniquely-Abled People in the Workplace

A diverse workforce should include uniquely-abled people. According to several reports, nearly 20% of people in the US have to cope with some sort of unique abilities. More than 70% of these people have disabilities like cognitive challenges, blindness, or some chronic disorders that are not visible from outside. This section of the population includes many talented people who can bring in valuable and unique experiences and insights to projects.

A supportive culture in the workplace is important to create conditions for uniquely-abled and neuro-typical people work as colleagues. Such a culture can be promoted through discussions about the impact of unique abilities in the workplace, addressing doubts and skepticism and disability stereotypes, and also ensuring fair conditions and support to employees having disabilities. Team leaders can play an important role to forge a positive relationship among the members.

Disability Inclusion and Workplace Accomodation

An organization, in order to promote diversity and inclusion, should carry out reasonable changes so that employees can work successfully and maintain safety, sans creating a “parental” or overly protective work atmosphere that usually negatively affects productivity.

However, from the performance perspective, holding all employees accountable regarding the standard of performance, irrespective of whether they are neuro-typicals or uniquely-abled, may create a sense of fairness among the employees.

ASD Employment Opportunities Not Much Forthcoming

Diversity and inclusion, though may sound contradictory, actually ensures people bringing in different skill sets and involving them in the betterment of the organization.

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