Career, Technology and Children with Learning Disabilities

As adults, our professional life often becomes an integral part of our identity. It becomes a matter of happiness and self-esteem for most of us. The quality of life we lead is often directly influenced by the work we do.

From time to time, especially in our late teens, we are often asked about our ambition and career goals. Many of us have a ready answer. Others often think and say and their goals vary.

Employment Opportunities for Uniquely-Abled Individuals in India 

Unfortunately for children with learning disabilities, this question is usually not asked. Some change over from mainstream or special schools to further education or specialized courses. The only thing expected out of them is to complete the course.

But where are the employment opportunities for children with learning disabilities when they grow up? Their parents and teachers often despair that they won’t be able to land a “normal job” even if they successfully complete an academic course. Parents worry whether their child will “fit” into the intensely competitive job scenario.

Relation Development Intervention to Treat Autism 

The worry for parents in understandable and not entirely unfounded. However, fact remains, the employment world is much different from that of academics. Different sets of skill are required for different jobs.

Technology, today, has emerged as a great friend for children with learning disabilities who will go job hunting later in their lives. Text-to-speech and auto spell-check programs have been a great help to children with learning disabilities.

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