Autism Employment Opportunities on the Rise

Defying age-old conventions, people with autism spectrum disorder are slowly becoming productive members of the society as more companies have begun hiring them for various positions. Autism employment opportunities have risen over time with companies realizing the benefits involved in hiring autistic adults. An increasing number of organizations are accepting diversity in the workplace.

Autism Employment Opportunities on the Rise

What is more encouraging is that the reason for employment has shifted from being out of charity to capability and unique talents that people with autism bring. Autistic employees are now valued because of their superb skills and a fine sense of order.

Experts say that the change in the mindset of human resource (HR) managers is largely the result of the continued autism awareness work happening over the decades.

Organizations, earlier, used typical recruitment methods that directly worked against the social differences and anxieties that people with autism have. The hiring process was extremely difficult for them to seek suitable autism employment. In most cases, people with autism found it difficult to express themselves.

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But there are organizations like The Spectrum Careers that have developed assessment and workshop programs to particularly target people on the spectrum. It helps them demonstrate what they are capable of doing and helps the organization understand the level of support required by an autistic individual to deliver his/her skills to the company.

Besides scouring autism employment opportunities, The Spectrum Careers works with several state-level organizations to encourage the autistic community apply and become a part of its orientation program. The workshop zeros down on people who have the requisite skills to pursue autism employment opportunities.

Job training for autistic adults not only develops skills among this section of the society, it also helps them to develop confidence and demonstrate their special abilities. Candidates get to know how to appear before the interview panel and how to tackle questions. Many companies have special needs experts on their board to better facilitate autism hiring.

While autism employment opportunities has see considerably increased in the past few years, the fact still remains that an overwhelming majority of people with autism are still unable to land any gainful employment. And when they do, bullying in the office seems to be on the rise. Only 32% of autistic people in the US are involved in some kind of paid job, compared with 80% of non-disabled people, and 47% of special needs people. But with companies opening up to autism hiring, better days for autistic adults could be on the offing.

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