Assistive Technologies and Uniquely-Abled Employment

It needs no saying that assistive technologies have dramatically changed the uniquely-abled employment scenario. Several new applications and gadgets are available today that have opened up employment for the uniquely-abled. While assistive technology as a concept has existed for several years now, it’s only recently that there have been major strides in this regard, particularly in the domain of employment.  Much of this has been possible because of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets in recent years.

For those with hearing disabilities, software are now available that translates English to American sign languages. Conversations between an employer and uniquely-abled workers are now better possible sans any need of an interpreter. Those having vision impairment, gadgets with voice adaptation technology are available in the market. There’s no need to ‘look’ at the screen. The computer reads it out for the use. That aside, there are audio applications that can ‘hear’ what’s there on the news and on the social media pages.

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What about employees who are uniquely-abled regarding speech issues? Many organizations are using assistive technologies like ‘talk’ applications while communicating with employees having speech problems. Here, the user sees a picture, which he/she can touch to make the gadget ‘speak’ the word out.

Many of these assistive technologies are available free on the internet. A little practice, and a uniquely-abled worker can become well-versed with them.

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