ASD Employment Opportunities Not Much Forthcoming

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a mental condition which is marked by unusual self-preoccupation of the person affected. It leads to a detriment in communication, inability to imagine, and limited ability to socially interact with others. Adults with ASD, quite obviously, face a tough time to carry out any type of work that involves performing according to instructions and paying attention for a long period of time.

Those who have milder symptoms of autism are often able to adjust themselves in a professional work environment. This is particularly true for those who have high functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and similar conditions. But statistically speaking, most adults having autism, usually can’t land any gainful employment or live independently without any support. While significant attempts have been made by employers to open up ASD employment, only about six percent of the affected adults are able to get through to a job.

Diagnosing Social Communication Disorder

While the exact cause behind autism is still highly debated, some studies suggest that the disorder could be genetic, though no conclusive evidence in this regard has been found so far. Autism needs to be detected early so that it can be treated medically and therapeutically. A child who has autism, has a much greater chance of functioning independently when he/she becomes an adult.

Parenting a Sensitive Child

The number of adults with autism has grown over the years. Unfortunately, ASD employment opportunities have not been able to keep pace in this context. The situation is worse in developing and underdeveloped countries where the disorder is not even properly diagnosed in the first place.

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