Adult Autism Employment Opportunities Increasing

General awareness about autism spectrum disorder has increased over the years. Diagnosis is taking place early, leading to a faster commencement of therapeutic intervention. The acceptance of autistic children in the mainstream has also increased. But the real problem begins after school and college when autistic people start hunting for jobs. Adult autism employment opportunities are not really forthcoming though the situation has improved over the years.

Adult autism employment opportunities increasing

A child having autism spectrum disorder will grow up into an autistic adult. The education that these children are given in school, are unlikely to help them if they don’t follow the structured pattern once they finish school. The needs of autistic people change with age. Job training for autistic adults can help a lot in this regard. Computer data entry, quality monitoring, and hospitality are some of the major sectors where adult autism employment opportunities exist. IT-enabled services, like software testing, which is both an art and a repetitive activity, are areas where autistic persons can be trained to land employment.

Adult autism employment opportunities

The importance of job training for autistic adults can never be overemphasized. Researchers have revealed that nine out of 10 transition-age autistic adults participating in a training program have a chance of working part-time or are at least retained at the minimum wage, three months after graduating from high school. More than 87% are still found working after a year.

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But in comparison only 6% of autistic people, who never attend any training program were employed three months after their graduation, while only 12% of them were gainfully employed after a year.

The big companies have a big role to play in generating autism employment opportunities. The management must realize that there’s a huge workforce out there with untapped skills. While some companies have opened autism recruitment, others are yet to follow.

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