Adult Autism Apps for those on the Spectrum

Technology, today, is part of our everyday life. It can be a great asset for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who lack communication skills, are nonverbal, or need improvement in their motor skills. The advent of adult autism apps have been a major step forward in this context.

Adult autism apps for those on the spectrum

Back in the 1970s, people with ASD were treated on a no-technology culture. But courtesy the wonderful progress of technology, there is now the ability to help people on the spectrum communicate through devices that can fit in their palms. Tabs and iPhones are easily accessible these days. They offer a range of apps that can address the specific challenges that adults on the spectrum are likely to face. Some of the best autism apps can be easily downloaded and customized. They are considered essential tools for such people who are usually visual thinkers.

Transition from school to college is often the ultimate nightmare for many individuals with autism. There’s a complete overhaul of the routine, bus routes, and circle of friends. But an autistic individual can overcome these hurdles with adult autism apps, as several studies have found out.

adult autism apps

Many experts have highlighted the groundbreaking technologies now available for supporting adults with autism. Even many of the free autism apps for android are aimed at professionals and their careers, and highlight the opportunities for better practice via the use of assistive technologies (AT). These could include anything from wheelchairs to iris-activated, voice output machines.

Besides the adult autism apps, biometric wristbands are now being developed to represent a much-awaited breakthrough for the autistic community. These wristbands short-circuit the communication difficulties by recording the autistic individual’s body temperature, heartbeat, and other responses to stress in real time. All these readings, combined with the information obtained from cameras, act as a “window to the body” of the autistic individual. It helps to identify and address the problem areas. These wristbands are expected to be commercially available within the next few years.

Coming back to adult autism apps, many of them are cheap and tab-based. While some help nonverbal autistics to “tell” people what they want, others guide users regarding what would be the correct response in a particular situation.

More adult autism apps are expected to hit the markets in the coming days as more research happens. But what’s available now, is certainly leagues better than what was available earlier, courtesy the rapid progress in technology.

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